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August 4, 2008
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Lena: ...and that's where you'll pick up the food, tu vois (you see)? We open in half an hour, so go get yourself cleaned up.
Ana: Since when do we hire underage ragamuffins?
Lena: He was eating from the garbage, Anastasia.
Ana: Lena? Who owns this place?
Lena: ...you and Sal do.
Ana: C'est ca (that's right). We make the decisions here. You may be Sal's cousin, but you still just the hired help. So. Who told the charity case digging in our dumpster that he worked here?
Lena: Sal did.
Sal: Opening time! I'll be out front!

When last we saw... Lena -
August 4, 2008
Let's go down to the Sunset Grill
Watch the working girls go by
Watch the basket people walk around and mumble
Stare up at the auburn sky....

- Don Henley, Sunset Grill

Wrapt in Crystal
Wrapt in Crystal
by Sharon Shinn

The holy women of Semay are dying. As a Moonchild, it's Drake's duty to find the killer, no matter what he may think of their religion. But pinning down the priestesses of Ava is harder than it looks...

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