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November 18, 2014

So I was wrong, a few updates back. My health wasn't the next Inevitable Yet Surprising Betrayal that would keep me from updating.

It was my computer.

So yeah, basically I got back from my con ten days ago to discover my computer no longer booted, we figured out the drive was failing and applied duct tape, it worked again for a few days, it went down, we spent the weekend getting a new drive formatted and burning incense to the Hackintosh Gods, finally late last night I found the proper combination of tears and blood and everything's back up but I am WAY BEHIND.

Long story short: there'll be an update next week (Hackintosh willing).

In the meantime, why not check out the Spiderforest Comic of (Last) Week: Chirault!

The forests of Chirault are dangerous places even when you haven't been shrunk to the size of a child's doll by wayward magic. If you have, well, falling in with a demon-hunter who's willing to let you ride on his shoulder is probably your best choice. Even if the demon-hunter is a demon himself. And if the demons he hunts are growing inexplicably larger and more dangerous....

Chirault is an enchanting mix of cute and epic, the art is lovely, and she's a week from successfully ending a Kickstarter to fund the first book. So why not take a look?

(Speaking of Kickstarters, the After Daylight project is one day and $100 from funding. If you wanna see what that bit of urban fantasy backstory where the mundane world finds out that vampires exist looks like -- in all its awkward and horrifying glory -- then have a look before it's too late!)