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December 9, 2014

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December 9, 2014

So yeah, pre-holiday day job craziness and a work trip last week -- y'all get filler. I hope it's interesting at least.

But since I'm lame, why not check out the (very) not-lame Spiderforest Comic of the Week, Moonslayer!

Syrma should already be dead. People cursed by the Moon do not, after all, have the longest lifespan. Her family is already dead, killed by their own people, and she has spent her life living deep in the forest, protected by the forest spirits and her dragon guardian day and night. Especially night.

She should already be dead. But when she discovers that even this life will soon be denied her -- that the curse of the Moon-goddess will kill her on her twentieth birthday -- Syrma chooses the unthinkable: to challenge the goddess on her throne. To set herself the unwinnable task of slaying the Moon.

Enchanting and breathtakingly beautiful, Moonslayer is a comic in the best tradition of good high fantasy. Give it a look!