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August 12, 2014

My Ten Days, by kat:

Saturday: stumble home from the Sacremento business trip, jetlagged and severely overpeopled. Collapse.
Sunday: Wake up to a very clingy kidlet with a 102 fever.
Monday: Frenzied catch-up at Day Job; kidlet is better but my boss/mother has caught a cold (she blames it on the mix of 108 degree weather and air conditioning.) Clearly not getting an update up on Tuesday, but I'll catch up soon.
Tuesday: Now I have the cold.
Wednesday: But my mother shook it in a day or two, so even though I feel like I'm working and thinking through bone-achy molasses, it won't last....
Thursday: ...too much...
Friday: ...longer....
Saturday: This is the cold that never ends, yes, it goes on and on my friend...
Sunday: ... and on my... hey, I feel a bit better actually. I got a script written and some other stuff, maybe I'll be able to do an actual update....
Monday: Oh crap, forgot about the work visitor that took my entire day. But the cold is gone! And I made progress in the morning! I'm on the edge of a crash but as long as nothing happens to -- *checks news*
Okay, options for the night are now rage, depression, or watching Robin Williams standup on YouTube and laughing until I cry.
(There's some good stuff on YouTube, by the way.)

So yes, basically, hi have some filler art, I will get back on track here as soon as humanly possible but ugh. Just... ugh.

However! Spiderforest application round is over, and damn did we get some quality comics this round! While I'm falling down on the job, check them out!

- Altar Girl, a romantic comedy about angels, schoolgirl crushes, and dead guys;
- From the Machine, a high-fantasy steampunk of magic, war, and a runaway killing machine who just wants to fly;
- Ianua, the story of a young boy who accidentally aquires a pocket demon;
- Moonslayer, the story of the girl who must escape her curse by slaying a goddess;
- Soul to Call, a post-apocalyptic wasteland haunted by cultists, demons, bad magic, and one girl giving them all some serious mouth;
- Star Cross'd Destiny, a cajun-flavored story of superhuman misfits;
- Terra, about an interplanetary war and the people -- human and otherwise -- who are fighting to stop it, and;
- Zukahnaut, the story of a big green alien with an anger problem, a drinking problem, a polical correctness problem, and a stuck-on-Earth-with-no-friends problem... at least one of which just went away.

Seriously, best round we've had in a long time, guys. Check them all out.