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The City of Kieselburg

Some notes on the city, its history, and its neighborhoods.

The Empire of Earth

Notes on the Empire, a constant background to the world of Sunset Grill.

The Lord Undying

A brief biography of His Highness Emperor Augustus Alexander Constantine Mandela Washington, Lord Undying, Emperor of Earth.


A former slave race, Sunlanders form a significant minority of Kieselburg's population.

Tom Thorn's Business

The complex criminal syndicate that controls much of Kieselburg.

The Gene Lords

A brief look at the ugly past of human genengineering that overshadows the story-present.

Short Takes and Extras

Here's a glossary of the various small bits of worldbuilding I've included in individual strips, news, or comments.

Former filler comics:
Atlanteans - Beltrunners - Dramithi - Exotica - Medicine - Saints - Tattoos - Vidfeeds - Weftgates - Chasing Signal - Machination - The Emperor's Birthday - Transportation - Skin Dancing

Character side notes and interviews:
Travis and Ria - Melody Writes Travis - Travis Writes Melody - Murdoch's Background - Gabrielle on Gang Families - Sal and Ana in the Army