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Sunset Grill is in no sense a linear story -- most of what happens is essentially me taking some interestingly-shaped characters and banging them together until I see sparks. There is a great deal of backtracking, crossbreeding, and overlap, not to mention one-off jokes, that aren't getting covered in this synopsis, and I expect a certain amount of rearranging as storylines morph and merge. Nevertheless, I hope it will give old readers a handy memory aid and new readers some idea what they're getting into.

Oh, and there's spoilers here. If you hate that kind of thing the synopsis page is probably a bad place to be. (If you were looking for a more general summary, try the about page.)

Down At The Sunset Grill

Our story begins with a typical night at the Grill. Yes, worryingly enough, this is typical.

Runs From: August 2008 - August 2008

Pages: 12

The Help Doesn't

Corinne's short-lived career at the Grill.

Runs From: October 2008 - December 2008

Pages: 14

Trial of a Housebreaker

Riley defends an ambitious, if not overly bright, thief.

Runs From: November 2008 - March 2009

Pages: 22

A Little Green

A seemly simple assignment for Travis generates epic complications.

Runs From: March 2009 - August 2010

Pages: 64

The Masquerade

A festival. A holiday. A series of unfortunate events.

Runs From: April 2009 - September 2009

Pages: 43

Lost in the Flood

A minor disagreement degenerates into a messy gang war.

Runs From: May 2009 - October 2012

Pages: 142

The Outsider

Julia's estranged husband Nash comes looking for her.

Runs From: September 2010 - present

Pages: 46


Riley inherits a messy case.

Runs From: January 2012 - present

Pages: 52