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July 28, 2009

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July 28, 2009

Gevinni Isle: originally a horticultural preserve, now a member city-state of the sky domain Pacifica West. Isles -- floating cities -- can generally be divided into three categories: oldtowns that have been vertically relocated (including the first and most famous, London); so-called 'cobbleship' cities which grew from a few welded-together ships into sprawling, intricate, and frequently unstable monstrosities; and flatboats, built from the start to be floating islands and generally quite tidy. And flat, as Travis notes here, though people falling off Isles is quite a bit rarer than popularly believed.

--- (begin ridiculously long newspost)

Okay then.

By now it's painfully obvious even to me that I'm not getting back on schedule this week. So we'll just, uh, move to a Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday schedule and pretend like I meant to do that. And I can't even promise that all of those will be on time.

Basically, I've worked a minimum of ten hours a week overtime all through July, at a fairly physical, on-your-feet job (so no working on the comic at lunch breaks/when the boss isn't looking; I'm lucky if I get a peek at my email.) I'm fraying a bit at the edges, to the point of being physically ill from stress through most of last week. This is suboptimal. It's ending soon -- we have two new hires arriving in August, which should loosen the choke-chain significantly. But until then....

This is my rather long-winded lead-up to a warning: if I can't get ahead on my day off (and that's likely) then the comic will take next week off, and possibly the week after. I'll be posting guest art and filler instead. I really, really hate to do this, but the 'sick from stress' thing was kinda creepy, and I'm not seeing many other options.

I'll keep everybody posted, but consider this an open call for guest art and 'ask the characters/worldbuilder' style questions -- if I don't use 'em now, I'll use 'em later.

(end ridiculously long newspost)