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September 9, 2009

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September 9, 2009

String from the Wailing Bridge: a traditional form of punishment dating back to the mid-twenty-second century, wherein a miscreant is tied to some handy public work and left for possers-by to toss insults, bottles, handy expired produce, et cetera, at. Nowadays people rarely die, at least from the hanging alone, but its origins were on the cobbleship Isles, which essentially formed and broke up on the whim of the individual ships' owners. Whether or not someone was untied from the Wailing Bridge before it ceased being a bridge was left entirely to the whim of the mob. This is also the origin of the expression 'short quarter and a long drop.'

I've finally finished hand-trawling through my own archives adding scripts and reposting news (Reader's Digest version: 'oh god this is bad, the art's incredibly ugly and I can't write my way out of a paper bag someone shoot me -- oh, hey, that bit was actually rather clever!' Repeat for 2 weeks.) I can't promise it's perfect, but it's all there. The story synopsis should also be back, and there's now a glossary page over in the World section where I've collected the bits of worldbuilding and such I've been sprinkling into the newsposts. As much for me as for you guys, I admit, but if you want the stuff it's there.

ETA: Fixed the code error that was causing half the page to not display. Man, I'm a screw-up the last week or two.