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October 14, 2009
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Lena: Yes, if I'd looked at him I'd have realized he was Exotica. He made me nervous, okay? I was looking anywhere but him. Lay off.
Ian: People find my face upsetting. I didn't wish to frighten you, madame.
Lena: That's sweet, honey, but once you'd broke the door chain most anything was a step up.
Sal: The hell were you doing in a squat, anyhow? Don't tell me you picked up a habit.
Ian: Ah non. That would require funds, and I find myself somewhat... embarrassed, in that respect.
Sal: The implants cost you everything?
Ian: Save what I spent on the car.
Sal: Mmm. Not the best decision there.
Ian: Pardon?
Sal: Maybe should have held off on that car 'til you had a steady source of money.
Ian: ...but cars are what money is for.
Sal: Correction. You ain't picked up a drug habit.

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October 14, 2009
Hmm. I just drove six hours round-trip to see a Bonnie Raitt concert, and it was totally worth it. She may be the awesomest sixty-year-old lady in existance, or at the very least the one who can best pull off paint-on jeans.

In other news, I got reviewed by Ping of Lonely Panel over the weekend. It was the best kind of review, in that it gave me a clear idea both what I'm doing wrong (and right) and what I can do to fix it. Yay for Ping!

The Child Goddess
The Child Goddess
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