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January 6, 2010

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January 6, 2010

Let me see... Percades is a space station orbiting Kariami, in what we'd know as the Alpha Centauri system, one of the two legal extrasolar human settlements. The Cold Mothers are a non-governmental organization, loosely associated with the santos cult of Mother Teresa, which provides free or cheap medical services in many poor or backwater areas; as the name suggests, they're known more for competenct than for their bedside manner. The Mai are an alien race with a great deal of power but a distinctly uneasy relationship with the other races. It isn't entirely accurate to say that they eat other sentients, since the alien protein almost always disagrees with them and they retch it up afterwards.

Did I miss anything?

Hoping to be caught up on updates by Friday. In other news -- holy crap, this is my 200th page! That's, uh. That's quite a few. How did I do that without noticing?