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January 13, 2010
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Lena: We're closing, hon.... You need some help?
Ellen: I just -- I maybe Rafe was here.
Lena: Not unless he wants Murdoch or Twoshot, usually. They were both in tonight, but he wasn't. So I don't know where he is.
Ellen: Yeah. Me either.
Lena: ... No, really. Do you need some help?
Ellen: I don't know what you --
Lena: Because you've painted yourself into one hell of a corner here, honey. And I know you don't know me, and I know you'll tell me you got no way out, but humor me, oui? Talk this out with at least one person. Talk this out with me.
Ellen: I am not in no corner! I'm fine! I got people, I got a place to stay, I got a man -- I just -- don't know where he is. Or who he's with. Or whether he even cares that I care --
Lena: Could you talk yourself into this a little faster? I want my coat.

When last we saw... Lena - Ellen

January 13, 2010
I may possibly be letting my personal life influence Lena's punchlines a bit here. But, seriously, these twenty-odd inches of snow? Weren't even that interesting when they first came down. A month is way overstaying their welcome....

More reading material... as you probably don't know, Spiderforest was open to submissions in December, and as a result we have a few new members this month with some very cool comics: Planes of Eldlor, Smyzer and Blyde, Freelance, Scattered Leaves, and both the now-finished Lint and the brand-new Pygmalion. Check them out!

Halting State
Halting State
by Charles Stross

It's 2012, and orcs have just robbed an Avalon 4 bank. A deadbeat programmer, a sword-wielding accountant, and a very bewildered cop must join forces to catch them.

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