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March 2, 2010

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March 2, 2010

Oh, look, a comic! Who'd a thunk it!

There *is* an explanation, a fairly simple one. A couple of weeks ago I found out I was pregnant. This is a happy thing -- if a bit sooner than I was expecting -- but one that's left us scrambling to do certain things (like 'find a house to buy') that we were wanting to do before I popped a kid. In addition, while I have not had any of the lovely morning sickness joy I was promised, either the pregnancy or that flu I went through have left me tired, headachy, and utterly disinclined to do anything but sleep after what I'd normally consider moderate exercise. Net result: I'm getting fuck-all done, on the comic or on anything else non-essential.

I'm assured that this gets better in the second trimester (which I am only a month or so away from), and I'm trying to make some adjustments to my work schedule and such, but until I hit my balance... yeah, the update schedule will be spotty.

This is irritating me more than I can possibly say, and I'm sure it's irritating all of you even more. Stupid real life. I'll do what I can about it, and try and be more communicative about what I can't than I have so far.