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September 14, 2010
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Doctor: The readings you're sending me are fairly decisive. I'm afraid little Daphne has picked up the newest strain of pneumonia. Normally I'd recommend therapy, but --
Julia: But there's no way I can afford tailored drug therapy.
Doctor: Actually Merilone has come out with a generic that's at a very good point in the exposure-resistance curve. But Merilone is trying to keep exposure low by making the drug, um...
Julia: Expensive?
Doctor: Yes.
Julia: What can I do?
Doctor: Keep her warm, keep her hydrated, call me if her fever hits 39 degrees.
Julia: That's it? That's all you can --
Doctor: Also, as your doctor, I do not recommend listening to rumors of a supply of Melione generics making their way into Lowtown. The sources you would have to purchase from would mean an unacceptable risk of adulteration, even if you took precautions like inspecting the label and seals.
Julia: ... are you seriously suggesting I buy my daughter's medicine from a drug dealer?
Doctor: Of course not. That could be nearly as dangerous as letting the disease run its course in a young child. And terribly unprofessional.
Julia: ... Could I have an unprofessional clarification here?
Doctor: Stop the Medical Board recording all my calls, Ms. Fletcher, and I'll be as unprofessional as you like. Have a nice day. And do remember about those seals.

When last we saw... Julia

September 14, 2010
A little more information on the state of medicine and disease.

Intervention was a blast even if attending did eat up a chunk of my buffer. And energy. Perhaps I'll do a proper con report when I've actually recovered from the con....

District B13
District B13
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Gritty near-future setting; crisp, witty dialogue; fantastic stuntwork; and a cast of characters I actually care about. Hollywood, the French have a thing or two to teach you about action films.

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