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April 17, 2012
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Lena: Dammit, Murdoch, needle-shot ought to heal fast. If it ain't, then somebody needs to look at --
Murdoch: You know, I wouldn't have no problems if they made decent jails in this city. Faden couldn't last three weeks in the Shark Pit.
Lena: Stop changing the subject.
Murdoch: Jail ain't changed him much. Same old bag of dirty tricks. Tell me about Ellen Lavere.
Lena: Young. Hungry. Bright as a candle, an' burning herself up. Care to be more specific?
Murdoch: It's late. No one's around. Guy she don't know walks up and says he wants to talk --
Lena: She'd kick him in the knees and run before he got two words out. Young, yes. Stupid, maybe. But she's a survivor.
Murdoch: Huh. ... You gave up on that arm thing awful fast.
Lena: You were thinking. I didn't want to interrupt such a rare event.
Murdoch: Asked for that one, didn't I.

When last we saw... Lena - Murdoch

April 17, 2012
The Shark Pit: a nickname for the St. Louis jail. As St. Louis has been under martial law for some time, the jail is run by the military police or, in times of budget woes, the lowest-bidding military contractor -- neither of whom have proved particularly gentle in their handling of prisoners. A policy of paying per inmate means the jail is always packed, and the administration is notoriously careless about things like separating light offenders from the hard cases. Insofar as there is a good place to go to jail, St. Louis isn't it.

The Spiderforest Comic of the Week this week is Chirault! The forests of Chirault are dangerous places even when you haven't been shrunk to the size of a child's doll by wayward magic. If you have, well, falling in with a demon-hunter who's willing to let you ride on his shoulder is probably your best choice. Even if the demon-hunter is a demon himself. And if the demons he hunts are growing inexplicably larger and more dangerous....

Chirault is an enchanting mix of cute and epic -- it's a comic I was reading before I ever joined Spiderforest, and I was delighted to find out it was one of the comics accepted at the same time I was. Go! Read!

District B13
District B13
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Gritty near-future setting; crisp, witty dialogue; fantastic stuntwork; and a cast of characters I actually care about. Hollywood, the French have a thing or two to teach you about action films.

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