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February 21, 2014

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February 21, 2014

Raven: Ethan Raven was the son of a prominent blueblooded banking family. Then he went to college and was seduced and recruited by his classmate Tom Thorn Jr. He rose to the rank of cadre fairly quickly and, despite his status as a favorite, managed to weather the bloody, enraged purges that followed Tommy's disappearance in 2406. Like all of the cadres, he is powerful, ruthless, and bloody-handed, but he does have a reputation for a certain degree of subtlety not seen in, say, the Dragonkiller, or Bruce Albier.

His family disowned him shortly after he began associating with Tommy, but beyond legally changing his name to Raven, Ethan has shown little sign that he noticed or, indeed, cared.

Also, since I haven't had time to get these guys on the cast page yet: we have seen Harvey and Zia once before.