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July 1, 2015

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July 1, 2015

State of the kat update: there is a better than fair chance of no update next week.

Basically, my health issues were supposed to be gone by now, and they're not. The good news is my doctor agrees it's unreasonable for me to still be in constant pain six weeks after my cyst was confirmed to have ruptured. The bad news is they can't find anything on ultrasound, so the only way to figure out what's wrong with me is to poke a hole in my belly and stick a camera through it.* So that happens Friday. It's a relatively simple outpatient surgery and if all goes well I should be back at work on Monday, but nevertheless it's gonna be disruptive.

The other bad news: the surgery may fix things or it may just tell me what fresh hell I am in for. I dunno. I'm trying to be positive but over two months now of low-grade but constant pain restricting my activities and exhausting me has kind of worn down my optimism. But we'll see.

Thank you everyone for sticking around and being so incredibly kind through all this crap -- believe me, no one wishes more than me that it wasn't happening.

--- * For the morbidly curious, the options I've heard so far: scar tissue from the cyst, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, non-acute appendicitis, varicose uterine veins, and kidney stones (although given my pain patterns my doctor puts that last as a remote possibility.) The best scenario is probably the scar tissue, because they can burn that away during the surgery. The worst is probably the varicose veins because there's nothing they can do about that except a hysterectomy, which... yeah. Not getting one of those at 35. So if it's that, I'm basically down to pain management until menopause. On the other hand, it's nothing life-threatening: just, you know. Pain.

This has been your TMI footnote for the update. Carry on.