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October 16, 2015

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October 16, 2015

Comic page woo *falls over* Let me know if the lighting is better on this one, guys.

Spiderforest had one hell of an application season this year, and thus I am still introducing new comics! This round we have:

Retroblade: the story of a man from a dying world travelling back in time, desperately trying to find where it all went wrong. Also, demons. And jam.

The Demon Archives: Minerva, a science fiction comic about a soldier, a war, and intelligence... artificial and otherwise.

In The Ferrin, a young researcher studying the intelligent creatures known as Ferrin accidentally finds herself in a very big mess.

And then there's True Magic, which has been on my links page for a very long time and for very good reason. Plucky peasantry goes up against fire-summoning nobility! Hijinks! Uncomfortable cross-dressing! And what is with that duck?

Finally (for this week), there's Ball and Chain -- a mutant superhero story with a dystopian Max Headroom feel and a marvelous sense of humor.

I'm not kidding, such great comics this round, guys. Plus they're all actually updating regularly, unlike me. *wry grin* Check them all out!