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September 20, 2016

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September 20, 2016

Had a fabulous time at the Small Press Expo, as always. And I managed to keep far enough ahead that you still have a comic! I am so proud of me, buffering like a grownup.

The list of awesome new comics in the Spiderforest lineup continues!

Seamus and Abbie (NSFW): Seamus had a girlfriend. Now he just has his ex-girlfriend's cat.

Monsterous Mimi: Mimi is normal. Very normal! Pay no attention to the teeth and tail!

Culture Shock: Through an accident of fate and poorly thought-out trime travel, a Japanese ninja and a medieval knight are forced to share an apartment together in the middle of a modern city.

Mailbox Rocketship: Heroes, wizards, aliens, and an unexpected ability to stare holes in walls. Keith’s life just got interesting.