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January 10, 2017

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January 10, 2017

Happy belated new year! Thanks for sticking with me for one more turn around the sun, guys. I'm slowly crawling back towards regular updates. Memo to body: it would really help if you'd stop catching colds. Cheers.

And speaking of belated -- time for the final, and tardy, round of Spiderforest Comic of the Week! First up this time: Damsels Don't Wear Glasses!

Lave Faraday has a job. It's not a good job; the pay is terrible, the work environment is hostile, and the clientele has an unfortunate tendency to talk in runic gibberish, drop body parts on the carpeting, and try to eat your brains. But in a city where the undead are in a tenuous balance with the living, someone's got to clean up after the fratboy necromancer wannabes, and Lave is it. At least she gets a big sword.

Then her bosses assign her a young boy with instructions to 'keep him safe'. Which would be easier if Lave had any idea how to deal with kids; much easier if the kid in question would stop freaking out at the sight of anything remotely magical; and much, much, much easier if every supernatural asshole in the city of Persephone wasn't trying to get him....

And our final comic of the week is... *drumroll* The Only Half Saga!

The world of the future is a dark and broken one, but it's even more difficult if you're a dhampir. Half-vampires are outcast in the scattered human settlements; human blood makes you a second-class citizen at best to the vampires. The current storyline, 'Of Dhampirs and Warlocks', follows Garrett Kelly, a dhampir who's made a personal vendetta of his conflicting bloodlines -- and made it his mission to hunt down his own kind. But chosing loyalties is never simple....

The author of Only Half, Tigershark, is also the one who set up this round of Comic of the Week and did the hard work of chivvying a lot of flaky artistic types into some semblance of organization. So if you're a fan of vampires and Mad Max-style dystopias, then check this one out!