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March 2, 2021

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March 2, 2021

It took way, way, WAY too long, but the comic is back!

So yeah, 2019 was unpleasant and 2020 was a dead loss, but the week of the inaguration I FOR SOME REASON found the motivation to make comics again. I don't think it was the only reason -- I had been slowly building up more creative energy over the fall -- but I guess I was letting the, uh, situation of politics here in the US eat at me more than I'd realized. Not that I'm a superfan of the current administration, but 'he's sane' is a surprisingly rousing endorsment these days.

My life remains *flaps hands uselessly* my life, so I cannot promise everything will be smooth sailing and weekly updates from here on out, but I've built up at least something of a buffer and can promise... pretty decent updatery for at least a few months? And then we'll see.

A thousand thanks to anyone with the tenacity to still be checking this site after two years of dead air. I appreciate you guys so much.