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The Help Doesn't

In an attempt to cut down Lena's workload, Sal hires Corinne as a waitress. Unfortunately, Corinne has more attitude than work ethic. When the Grill is visited by a health inspector, she sees the chance to rid herself of the iriscable Ana -- a move that backfires spectacularly.

Characters: Sal - Ana - Corinne - Lena - Rafe - Schuerman - Elroy - Riley

Pages: A new waitress - On the importance of beer - A rare consensus - An unwanted night off - A kitchen without its cook - An inspection of the wallet - The Green Curfew - An examination of loyalties - A quick save - Government meets business, part one - Government meets business, part two - Price of treachery, part one - Price of treachery, part two - Anger