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July 21, 2015

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July 25, 2015

Just a quick note -- I'm starting up that Google Hangout I was talking about in about half an hour (3PM eastern). It's open to all, not just Patreons, so if you're interested in chatting and seeing how I make the comic, drop by!

July 21, 2015

Woo, update! Man, I'd forgotten how much of a pain in the ass action scenes were. A pity some idiot seems to have scripted quite a few upcoming ones...

That's part of why there ended up being two skip weeks, the others being work crunch (I am likely on the road as you read this, will be doing a business trip per week for the next three weeks, and we shipped over 4000 pounds of product last week while shorthanded) and the Continuing Saga of Kat's Health. The surgery went well, and they ruled out all the potentially scary stuff, but... they didn't find anything obviously causing me pain except the vericose veins on my ovaries, which means I am basically at the limit of what Western medicine and surgery can do.* So I'm down to managing the pain without totalling my liver and various things that possibly, maybe, the-Internet-assures-me-will help my circulation and thus might possibly have an effect on my stupid veins.

(The good news is most of that's stuff like 'drink more water', 'get more exercise', 'do yoga', 'don't sit at the computer for hours on end without moving' that I look at it and go 'uh... pretty sure I should be doing that anyway....' Plus, some nice herbal teas. I'm skipping anything that looks too mind-bogglingly awful on the grounds that if I'm getting incrimental improvements barely above placebo, I better at least get some nice tea out of the deal.)

Oh, yeah, and right after the surgery I caught a cold that I still haven't totally shaken. Ha ha body you are such a goddamn joker.

In other, more positive news!

1) My fabulous webcomics collective, Spiderforest, has a fabulous new site and will open for applications on August first! Spiderforest is a great community and I'm proud to have been a member for -- jeez, coming up on six years now? So if you have a comic and are looking for a strong community of like-minded creators to hang out with, check out that link.

2) I'll be doing another Patreon-sponsored Google Hangout this weekend. I'm going to do something a bit different this time and use the screensharing aspect to show you guys how I create a character -- people keep asking how I make the comic and what goes into it, so I figured the easy way is to show you! If you're interested, it'll be at 3PM Eastern on Saturday, and everyone is welcome!

I am still hoping to get an update up next Tuesday. Thank you guys for hanging with me through all this mess! --- * As I mentioned before, the only surgical 'solution' is a hysterectomy. My doctor has strongly recommended against that, on the grounds that in someone my age removing the uterus can lead to all kinds of side effects and secondary symptoms -- including, hey, chronic pain. So there's a dchance I will trade one unpleasantry for other, potentially more serious unpleasantries, and pay dearly for the privilege. Not a risk worth taking, in my book.