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August 18, 2015

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August 18, 2015

What the past month and a half has looked like:

1) Have operation, discover I am stuck with chronic pain condition;
2) Kidlet gets a cold;
3) I get a cold;
4) Business Trip #1;
4) Doctor's visit after kidlet's lingering cough from cold turns into much worse cough accompanied by 103F fever;
5) I get the cold follow-up disease, albeit with a lower fever;
6) Business Trip #2. This one involved a plane. It turns out those are a really bad idea if you've recently had a cold, although my eardrums did not actually burst. They just felt like they were going to. Also, round 2 of the Fever Disease, this time in a hotel room. Also, hubby (who is stuck at home with the recovered and bouncy kidlet) comes down with Fever Disease.
7) Doctor trip for me and subsiquent antibiotics;
8) Business Trip #3, did not cough on any customers, thank you modern medicine;
9) Discover that the rearrangement of child care plans I was expecting for the fall were actually landing in mid-August. Frantic planning ensues.
10) Surprise! Government inspection at work today!

I'm not proffering this as an excuse for the lack of updates. At this point I figure everyone has given up on me updating regularly and regards my protestations that I will! Really! Someday! with the weariness of Iowa voters in a primary season cycle. I just thought my readership might share enough of my black sense of humor to enjoy the cosmic joke that is me.

Next update: God knows. We haven't had a good lightning strike yet. Betting's open, guys!