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December 29, 2015

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December 29, 2015

Guys! It's an update! I actually managed to update! Happy Thanksgiving -- uh, no, missed that one. Merry Chris-- fuck, missed that one too. Happy... early... new year?

To spare everyone the sordid details (and my Patrons some repetition): I flatlined. Nothing new, just the chronic pain and its side effects, emotional and physical, finally catching up with me and demanding their toll. November was pretty much a writeoff, and December mostly taken up with picking up the pieces and going through the grindingly slow process of figuring out how to fit the Me back together in such a way that I could keep ticking.

(Didn't help that this page was a right bitch. Eleven panels of fucking action in three different fucking places AT NIGHT when I was already struggling? What idiot scripted this mess?)

Looking towards the future: the comic is not dead. It is, however, gonna be updating like molasses in January* until I can get my shit together. The next page is eight panels: I'm hoping to have it up within two weeks, but three may be more realistic. After that? We'll see. It's certainly a goal to get back to a regular schedule, but I have no sense of when or how that's going to happen yet. I don't know what I can sustainably produce when I'm not flatlined. Give me a month or two to find out.

Thanks for hanging in there, guys. I appreciate it so much. Here's to 2016 -- may it be notably less hellish than 2017....

* Normal January, that is, not this April-in-December bullshit we're currently getting....