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April 1, 2016

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April 1, 2016

April Fools! An actual, real, no-joke comic!

(I'm trying, desperately, to get my productivity back up to the point of having a real schedule. This VERY NEARLY went up on Tuesday like it should have, albeit Tuesday evening. It was all done! I just had the lettering left! Then one of my coworkers gave himself a concussion, and, yeah, the week kinda went sideways from there.)

Anyway, as I am the slowest welcoming committee, here's the next batch of new Spiderforest comics:

- First, we have Title Unrelated, a light-hearted story about dark family history. Erin, Twapa, and Mara weren't always sisters, they aren't much alike, and they don't always agree... but when Mara's blood family proves far weirder than anyone knew, the remaining sisters set off on a quest into a parallel universe to save her. Because blood may be thicker than water, but family goes straight to the bone.

- Then there's Witches Get Stitches, the story of Archvold, a washed-up demon warlord working a retail job in hell. Because we all know retail is hell.

- In Bits Fair we get the story of Irya, a young boy desperate to be a warrior, not a failure of a farmer like his brother. The Autumn Fair is his chance to prove himself... but will leaving home forever be all he expects of it?

- And finally, one very special new addition! Black Mudpuppy is a Aztec god of the dead trapped in the body of a salamander, trying to do enough good deeds to get him back to godhood. The archives are a hoot, but today marks the first page of the Black Mudpuppy reboot; it's going to be a fascinating ride seeing where the new version of the story goes, so hop on from the start!